On Tap Now

A current list of our locally hancrafted brews on tap at Front Street Brewery

Flagship Brews

Available YEAR-ROUND in Kegs, German Growlers, 64oz. Jugs, and On Tap 7 Days a Week!


10oz Mug: 2.99     Pint: 3.99

This beer is the favored beer of Cologne, Germany.Light bodied and golden in color. Unlike most German beers, Kolsch is an Ale, not a Lager. This ale is lightly hopped and has some fruity aromas due to the yeast strain used.

4.8% ABV



10oz Mug: 3.29     Pint: 4.29

American Wheat Ale with a delicious raspberry flavor has made this beer a Front Street favorite. Light bodied and delicately hopped, this ale is best paired with chicken, white fish, salads and desserts.

 4.7% ABV



 (Extra Special Bitter)

10oz Mug: 2.99     Pint: 3.99

Traditional English amber ale with a perfect balance between slightly sweet, caramel malts and gentle, earthy English hops. The ideal session beer: flavorful, yet low in alcohol, so you can have several.

4.5% ABV



10oz Mug: 3.49     Pint: 4.49

A classic American style India Pale Ale made with Pale, Carapils & Carastan malts. This beer is aggressively hopped with all American hops: Nugget, Palisade, Cascade & Columbus, that gives this beer an additional hop aroma and flavor.

 6.1% ABV



10oz Mug: 3.49     Pint: 4.49

Very deep red in color and lightly hopped, Front Street Brewery's Scottish Ale is rich in flavor, yet not a heavy beer. Chocolate & caramel malts give this beer a touch of sweetness. A wonderful pair with BBQ pork, steaks or dessert.  

7.2% ABV

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Seasonals Selection

A Rotating Collection of our Finest Brews, including Champion Beers and Award Winners!


 10oz Pour: $3.49     

This malty, pale German-Style lager is deceptively delicious. Beneath an amiable golden hue and delicate hop bitterness lies a firm foundation of sweet bready malt flavors. Fuller bodied and strong, yet it's truely a sweet apparition.

7.3% ABV



10ozMug: $2.99   Pint:$3.99     

This magically charming Irish Red Ale is a fine fusion of English hops, roasted barley & oats. A smooth upfront sweetness of caramel & toffee provides balance to an earthy yet subtle hop bitterness. Well balanced & easy drinking with a smooth dry finish. SLAINTE!

5.2% ABV



10oz Pour: $3.49    

This single-hopped farmhouse ale is truelytranscendental. Enlightening aromas of pineapple & white pepper harmoniously integrate into a rustic flavor. Cultivated from a house favorite yeast strain, this vinous saison reaches beyond the realm of reality. Just one sip brings you closer to nirvana.

6.6% ABV



 10oz Pour: $5.99

Brace yourself for this limited release! This savory savage is ourbourbon barrel-aged Sinful Stout. Matured over 8 months, a smoky vanilla aroma is unleashed with a fierce chocolate flavor. It's rampant and relentless with a deviously smooth finish... a true wild child. 

6.2% ABV


 10oz Pour: $3.99

Careful , this black double IPA is quite merciless. Essentially an evil clone of of our double IPA. This beer is as daring as it is bold with an audacious hop profile and a dark twist. Resinous flavros of citrus and pine conquer the palate with a lingerling roasty finish. Beware of its cruelty.

5.7% ABV


Kegs To Go

A Rotating Collection of our Finest Brews, including Champion Beers and Award Winners!

1/2 BARREL (15.5 GALLON)  =
approx. 130 16oz. POURS                  

$149.99 - Low/Mid Gravity
$169.99 - High Gravity

1/6 BARREL (5.2 GALLON)   =  
approx. 45 16oz. POURS

$69.99 - Low/Mid- Gravity                                    
$79.99 - High Gravity

CALL 910-251-1935 to reserve your kegs. 24 Hours Notice Requested. A $50 refundable deposit is due upon pick up. Deposit covers keg shell, ice tub and beer tap. All equipment must be returned within 5 business days unless otherwise stipulated. Customer will incur additional charges if equipment is not returned with that time period. Pick up and Delivery also available.